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Peter Sachsenmeier
IMAG Information Management AG
Prof. Peter Sachsenmeier has for many years combined business with academe. He is joint CEO of IMAG Information Management AG, a Swiss consulting company, and regularly teaches at university (professorships in Information Management, as well as Project Management). He is a board member of a number of companies; these, in turn, are active in technology, telecommunications, engineering, automotive, software, networks, and technology based training. In 1996, he co-founded Mindware Multimedia Group Inc., a Canada based company with 400 staff specialized in web-based training, and served as its CEO until 2001. As a senior international consultant, Peter Sachsenmeier concerns himself systematically with the technologies, IT&C architectures, structures, processes and human development issues which together enable the productive use of information and communication technologies in organizations and in value driven networks. For many years, he has advised companies and organizations with regard to their business development, strategies, information architectures, process and project optimisation, as well as knowledge management. Some of his newer initiatives deal with decision making and innovation strategies in technology driven markets. He has particular expertise in the planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of large, international information and communications projects for world class organizations, as well as public private partnerships, in many different geographical settings. In 2003, Peter Sachsenmeier published „Between Competition and Collaboration. The Future of the European Manufacturing Industry“. As a consequence, he established a consulting Task Force Networks of Excellence which addresses innovation projects across organizations. In 2005, he co-founded the Innovation Spirit initiative, together with Dutch-American futurologist Jan Amkreutz. Peter Sachsenmeier has advised telecommunications companies, their suppliers and their customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He speaks and writes excellent English and German. His other major languages are French and Russian, and he has recently started to learn Chinese. – E-Mail: Peter_Sachsenmeier@imag-web; Tel +41 79 608 4311

Persönliche Daten:

Name: Peter Sachsenmeier
Akademischer Titel: Prof.
Firma: IMAG Information Management AG
Position: Vorstand
Funktion: Leitender MA/C_Ebene/Präsident/MD/GM
Branche: Sonstige
Kernkompetenz: Technologiestrategie und -umsetzung
Email: Peter_Sachsenmeier@imag-web.com
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